Welcome to the Group from our President and CEO

Welcome to the Tonoli group, a national and international service provider in the field of ‘Garment Dyeing' and 'Production and Distribution of Nylon Yarns'. The company is characterised by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and by the constant search for new innovative business sectors. Thanks to its constant expansion, the Tonoli Group currently consists of two partially independent divisions: Tintoria Tonoli and Nyfil Filati.


Mr. G. Tonoli  (Ceo and Founder of Tonoli Group)

Our Companies

+39 030 996 1174

+39 030 684 0280


Welcome to Tintoria Tonoli

Our surrounding environment is full of colours and everyday we help to contribute to it.
Our history has taught us that the multiple needs of fashion, must be met, should be encouraged but above all be created.
And we know how to do this very well, we have grown together with this concept. Our world is not dull and boring but is full of colours.
All this is done in the most advanced environmental respect, enhancing the marvellous WORLD OF COLORS that surrounds us everyday.

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